Clio Reopens Offices with Employee-Centric Digital-First Design

Clio’s offices have reopened with a new design accommodating a flexible hybrid and remote work model

“Choice is at the heart of our design.” Clio employees will have total flexibility to work remotely, hybrid, and in-office, as Clio reopens its renewed workspace designed for a new era of work. 


VANCOUVER, BC- April 12, 2022- As the corporate world marks two years since the pandemic disruption, companies are taking varying approaches and assessing what work model to adopt. Today, Clio, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based legal technology, announced a digital-first model, embracing the best of in-person and virtual interactions for connectivity and collaboration.


While trends in hybrid models have demanded specific required days in-office, Clio is leading with trust, respect, and support for its employees. Its fully flexible hybrid and remote approach encourages employees to select the best place to do their job—whether that’s their home, the office, or their favorite coffee shop. 


A digital-first system means Clio’s primary work experience is remote. Its office hubs in Burnaby, Toronto, Calgary, and Dublin are connected virtually for employees to coordinate workflow across locations, time zones, and platforms. With this approach, Clio is creating an inclusive and equitable environment with consideration for employees’ workspace preferences.


“We’ve scaled Clio during an unprecedented time in history. Two pillars have carried us through leading to this moment: the resilience of this team, and the opportunity to rethink the workplace of the future”, said Jack Newton, CEO, and Founder of Clio. “Today, we’re opening a flexible workplace structure that can adapt to the changing needs of our team, with choice placed firmly at the center of each employee’s journey.”


Flexibility and Choice

From decreased commute times to increased family times and effective daily schedules, remote work has allowed employees to balance the competing demands of work and personal lives. But it is not a one-size-fits-all. Some employees find access to an office space beneficial, highlighting the need for organic social interactions. Both perspectives compel Clio, and the company is responding to the shifting values of its workforce. 


“The events of the past year have redefined our priorities. Employees want a human-centric workplace now more than ever. We are listening and adapting our policies to reflect individual needs,” said Jack Newton. “To succeed in this new reality, workplace flexibility and innovation will remain a key draw for talent and staff retention.”


Distributed by Design

Headquartered in Burnaby, B.C., Clio has scaled its workforce to more than 800 employees in the last year, hiring in local regions outside its office hubs. Clio’s aims to be inclusive and accessible to all employees. The legaltech leader is building inspiring and functional office spaces that facilitate individual work, team connections, and onsite events. The company will continue to provide monthly stipends and digital technologies for those working remotely to create their personal and productive workspace. 


“Our flexible hybrid and remote teams in Burnaby, Calgary, Toronto, and Dublin are open to the fullest extent, and we look forward to growing the next chapter of #TeamClio,” said Jack Newton. “Clio’s culture is paramount to our success as we embark on our scale-up journey.”


The Future is Here

Clio has redesigned its offices for a changed workforce. Some of its key designs are advancing inclusion through gender-neutral washrooms, dedicated spaces for new parents and low profile counters in kitchens/lounges for accessibility. Other features include upgraded meeting room tech that connects employees regardless of location, an outdoor patio for picnics and barbecues, game areas, fitness studios, virtual call rooms, collaboration zones, hoteling workstations, and quiet rooms for heads-down work.                                                    


“We have redesigned a thoughtful office environment to optimize our employees’ happiness and productivity,” said Sarah Bettencourt, Chief People Officer. The new designs support a physical space for creativity and innovation to flourish while promoting an engaging and diverse connection between in-office and remote employees.”


Clio aims to scale its workforce to 1,000 employees in 2022. Visit to explore open roles across the company. 


About Clio

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