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Make it easy for your clients to pay their bills online using credit, debit, or eCheck. Our built-in payments solution gets you paid faster—improving your collection rates and firm efficiency.

Make it easy to pay and get paid

  • Your to-do-list is long enough and when it comes to payments, you’re likely chasing down outstanding invoices or struggling to keep up with billing. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Make the collections process fast, automated, and convenient for you and your clients with online payments.

Get paid faster, waste less time, and provide a better payment experience

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  • Handle billing and payments—all in one go

    Stop struggling with disconnected workflows. Clio Payments automatically posts transactions to the appropriate matter or client account and syncs records with your accounting platform.

  • Flexible payment plans

    Give your clients more flexibility with customized payment plans. Break large bills into manageable amounts on a schedule that fits their needs—helping you collect more of your outstanding balances.

  • Make it easy for clients to pay

    Be client-centered by making it easy for clients to pay bills online as soon as they’re received. Accept credit, debit, or eCheck payments securely with Pay Now buttons in your electronic bills, along with QR codes, secure click-to-pay links embedded in emails, or over the phone.

A legal payments solution your firm can trust

  • Real time insights into your finances

    Stay on top of all your transactions with financial reports and instant payment notifications to get a real-time view of any outstanding balances. Create automated payment reminders for any bills that need additional follow-up.

  • The simple solution to complex trust accounting

    Clio handles all trust-related transactions in compliance with trust accounting and IOLTA rules. With earned and unearned funds kept separate, funds in your trust account are protected from all third-party debiting, including processing fees and chargebacks.

  • Operate in accordance with PCI legislation

    Clio uses the payment industry's most advanced security measures—with bank-grade protection of client data and proactive fraud detection—so you can safely accept online payments. Clients can also store card details for future transactions.

Say hello to simple and transparent pricing

Simple, transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Online payments are included in all Clio Manage subscriptions.



Other Payment Processors

All cards

Credit & debit card transaction fees

Up to 4.5% + fixed fee
Fees vary by card type


eCheck fees

Up to 1.5%
Fees vary

No fees

Card network fees

Fees vary by transaction and card type

No fees

Other fees (Monthly memberships, processing minimum penalties, additional trust accounts, and PCI compliance)

Fees vary

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clio Payments?

Built within the powerful Clio Manage infrastructure, it offers a faster, more transparent collections experience and real-time view of transactions. Payments get recorded automatically in Clio and are synced to your accounting platform—saving time and effort. And you can send trust payment requests and maintain evergreen retainers knowing Clio keeps you compliant with trust accounting rules. Ready to see Clio Payments in action? Try Clio for free.

Is Clio Payments PCI Compliant?

Clio Payments is built to ensure all payments are PCI compliant. The processing, transmission, and storage of card data is handled in a way that meets the highest level of certification available in the payments industry.

Where is Clio Payments available?

At this time, Clio Payments is only available to customers in the U.S. Canadian customers can use the LawPay integration to accept credit card payments.

What is Clio’s secure eCheck?

Accept eCheck payments securely, without cancelled checks or paperwork at an affordable flat fee of only $2.00 per transaction. With just a few clicks, your clients can authorize Clio to debit their account and deposit payments into yours. Unlike other providers, Clio instantly verifies your customer’s bank account with no waiting period.

How does Clio handle trust payments and IOLTA account protection?

Clio protects your trust account from any 3rd party debiting fees and processing fees are always taken from your operating account. In fact, Trust Account protection is listed in Clio’s terms of service. You are in control of where payments are deposited to – your trust account or your operating account and you can count on real-time and monthly reporting for all your trust accounting needs.

Can I get a report of a client’s transaction history?

Transactions can be viewed in real-time, unlike other payment solutions where these can’t be viewed until the end of the month.

Entire transaction history can be found in Clio’s transactions table. Every matter and client also has a record of associated transactions and legal credit card payments.

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