Draft Legal Documents in Half the Time

Spend more time on critical legal work by removing tedious tasks like retyping data. Clio Draft converts your Word docs into dynamic legal templates and populates sets of documents automatically. Advanced features like conditional logic allow for pronoun adjustments, adding/removing clauses, and more, making routine drafting simple and quick.

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With the Clio Draft add-on you can convert your Word docs into dynamic legal templates and populates sets of documents automatically with data from Clio.
  • A screen capture of Clio Draft's Template Builder.

    Advanced Document Drafting for Modern Firms

    • Add/remove or edit clauses and update subject-verb agreement across sets of docs based on parameters like number of children.
    • Update pronouns (he/she/they) with conditions that auto-populate pronoun variations (him/her/them). Create rules once and then reuse them in other templates.
    • Save the value of variables within templates by marking standard language, checkbox selections, and custom text fields as reusable data.
    • Simplify document review by toggling on/off highlighted changes in generated docs.
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James O'Neil Testimonial Image

Clio Draft helps me reduce the time it takes to fill in and complete documents for my clients, while at the same time reducing the opportunity for error. If my clients see an error in something simple, they often assume that there are issues with the complex stuff too. Clio Draft helps us get the simple stuff right.


O’Neil & Rueppel, LLP

Reduce Bottlenecks and Busywork

Screen grab of Clio Draft's Template Builder.
  • Avoid errors

    Reduce errors and mishaps like typos in client name, address, etc., by auto-populating case information instead of manually typing.

  • Save time and grow

    Hit the ground running by using pre-saved sets of your most-used projects and auto-fill with client and matter information to finish projects faster.

  • Manage work from anywhere

    Empower your team to access and complete documents from anywhere with paperless drafting. Automated workflows ensure your team stays productive no matter where they work from.

  • Stop maintaining multiple versions

    Cloud-based tech means your firm is always using the latest version of the document, so you don’t have to worry about mistakes or missing updates.

Draft Documents in Snap

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    Build documents

    Convert existing Word docs into fillable templates, type information once and auto-populate data.

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    Insert advanced logic

    Use logic-based conditions to adjust pronouns, create rules, or update documents based on answers from multiple choice fields.

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    Send for eSign

    Complete projects faster by sending documents to clients electronically. Simply select the documents, add signees, review package and send for eSign.

Save more time for high-impact work

Spend more time on practicing law and less hours on repetitive work by using Clio Draft’s cloud-based legal drafting. See the workflow in action.

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