The Essential Guide to Legal Document Automation

Software “solutions” are a means to an end (solving a problem) rather than a panacea themselves. Buying any legal technology shouldn’t be the goal for your firm — solving a specific problem should be. Document Automation isn’t for every firm, but there are thousands of practices using it to save time, avoid errors and improve efficiency.

The Essential Guide to Legal Document Automation

In this eBook you will find best practices to consider when evaluating document automation solutions, and implementing them at your law firm:

  • Improving Your Law Firm with Technology
  • The Value of Document Automation
  • Key Considerations for Evaluating Legal Document Automation
  • Managing Change and Preparing for New Technologies
  • 8 Steps for Creating Repeatable Processes

The goal of this eBook is to provide you with a deeper understanding of how legal technology such as document automation can benefit law firms, and what legal professionals need to know to successfully adopt technology and adapt internal processes.

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